“Everywhere I go”  Minsk, Belarus, 2015



Do Not Open Before 2023, Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome


The Power of Purpose, Goldman Global Arts Miami Florida U.S.A.

Kiaf SeoulJinsun Gallery, Seoul Korea


Mural painted for Jidar Street Art Festival in Rabat, Morocco

Mural painted for Nuart Festival in Stavanger International Airport, Norway

Mural painted in collaboration with The Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Mural painted for Mapa Festival in Itabira, Brazil

Mural painted for The Walla in Vallà, Veneto, Italy

Mural painted for The Italian Consulate in Athens in collaboration with Awesome Athens Experiences, Athens, Greece

Mural painted for Guerrilla Art Festival in Pristina, Kosovo

Mural painted for Sperone 167 in Palermo, Italy

Diptych mural painted in Collaboration with Case Maclaim for WallStoryTown in Bad Villbel, Frankfurt, Germany

Mural painted for MurArt Street Art & Mural Festival in Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain


Ill Fame Magazine Reloaded 7

Athens Voice #882 winter 2023




Future Starts Now, Goldman Global Arts Miami Florida U.S.A.

Urban Break, Jinsun Gallery, Seoul Korea

Galleries Art Fair, Jinsun Gallery, Seoul Korea

One root one artist, Curated by Akutiga, Paris, France

The Hunt, Curated by Chicago Culture couple, Vertical Gallery Chicago, U.S.A.

Childwood memories, curated by City of Talents, Volere Gallery, Dubai U.A.E.


Mural painted Wynwood Walls in Miami Florida U.S.A.

Mural painted for Writers Block Murals in Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Mural painted for Mostar Street Art Festival in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mural painted for Baladk in Amman, Jordan

Mural painted for Riwaq Palestine in Al Jib, Palestine

Mural painted for Barcarès Street Art Museum in Barcarès, France

Diptych mural painted for Art Bike and Run in Ortona, Italy

Mural painted for Kulturhotellet in Helsinborg, Sweden

Mural painted for Walls can Dance in New Wulmstorf, Germany

Mural painted for Walls can Dance in New Harburg, Germany

Water tower painted in Geroskipou, Cyprus

Mural painted in Mesagne, Italy


La Street Art Romana, Attraverso i centri di aggregazione sociale. Valentino Bonacquisti, Galeone Editore

Solo – Street Art Italia. Alessio Vigni, Psicografici Editore

Milano mia – Percorsi sentimentali nella città che non ti aspetti. Dario Cosentino, Fabbri Editori


365 Art, Case 24

Beautiful bizzarre #37, June

The Cultured traveller #38, June August


Art Soup – Impara l’arte e non metterla da parte, Episode 5, Raiplay and Raigulp

Art Dreams Tahiti, Polynésie la 1ère




At The Crack of Dawn, Thinkspace Project Los Angeles California


Mural painted for Linfa Festival in Monticello Amiata, Italy

Mural painted for Muralì in Livorno, Italy

Mural painted for Farm Festival in Putignano, Italy

Diptych mural painted at the Architectural University of Pescara, Italy

Mural painted for the documentary “Through the walls – Stories from the pandemic” in Nembro, Italy

Mural painted on the Fenaroli Theatre for Talking Walls in Lanciano, Italy



Artwork installed at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

Mural painted for Tutti per Atta association at the pedriatic hospital “Gaslini”, Genoa, Italy

Mural painted for Volunteer tutor’s association of Tuscany and Cospe Onlus in Scandicci, Florence, Italy

Diptych mural painted for Subsidenze Festival in Ravenna, Italy

Mural painted for Wallabe Festival in Rovigo, Italy

Mural painted for Kunst Bureau Kolossal in Horsens, Denmark

Mural painted at Piattaforma Umbertide, Italy

Mural painted for Borgo Universo, Aielli, Italy

Mural painted for Phest 2020, Monopoli, Italy

Mural painted for Non solo murales San Gavino, San Gavino Monreale, Sardinia, Italy

The Heart Above All, Donations for Pescata Hospital

Mural painted for Street Prints Mauau 2020, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Mural painted for Street Prints Papaioea Festival, Palmerston North, New Zealand


“Art Libre”, a documentary about street artist Millo, directed by Luigi Capasso, produced by Zoomlab, selected at the Festival International du Film sur l’Art, Montreal 2020



Where the streets disappear, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome and London


Mural painted for the 3rd edition of 167 Art Project, Lecce, Italy

Mural painted for Ñatinta 2019, La Paz main Cemetery, Bolivia

Mural painted for ONO’U Tahiti, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Mural painted for Associazione Volontari Campi Flegrei, Napoli, Italy

Mural painted for Milestone Project, Girona, Catalunya, Spain

Mural painted for Sbagha Bagha – Graffiti & Peintures Murales, Casablanca, Morocco

Mural painted for Street Art festival / ArtWalk 2019 , Patras, Greece

Mural painted for Rexene Festival, curated by Mutante Creativo in Carballo, Galizia, Spain

Mural painted for the first earthquake proof school realized in Abruzzo, Raiano, Italy

Mural painted for Street Pints Manaia in Whangarei, New Zealand

Mural painted for St+Art India Foundation in Dharavi slum, Mumbai, India


Colossus, Street Art Europe, Julio Ashitaka, Abrams & Cronicles Books 2019

Street Art, Simon Armstrong, Thames & Hudson 2019

Il colore perfetto, Gianni Maimeri, il Saggiatore 2019

Il Nuovo Nautilus, Studi e ricerche del Liceo Torricelli-Ballardini-Faenza, Minerva 2019

MAUA, Museo di arte urbana aumentata, Torino, Terre di mezzo Editore 2019


Graffiti Art Magazine #45 July/August 2019

La Freccia, Anno XI #10 October 2019

Graffiti Art Magazine #43 March/April 2019

The Ideal home and garden, January 2019, Vol 13, Issue 03, Next Gen Publishing


“No hesitation” mural appears in the movie “Bangla”, Fandango 2019



Mural painted for PAR Patto per l’Abruzzo Resiliente in Pescara, Italy

Mural painted at Il Giardino di Cino for Spichisi in Pistoia, Italy

Multistory mural painted for Kulturhotellet in Helsinborg , Sweden

Mural painted for Fabrikaffiti Urban Art Festival 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Mural painted for Mistaker Maker during Estau Arte Urbana in Estarreja, Portugal

Mural painted for MuMtl supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal, Quebec Canada

Mural painted for Trondheim Gatekunst Festival in Trondheim Norway

Mural painted at Heempark for Lavazza 2019 calendar in Genk, Belgium

Mural painted for Bratislava Street Art Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia

Mural painted for the future student residences in Magdolna area, Budapest, Hungary

Installation realized in the orangery of Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, Sweden

Mural painted for Amazing Day in Milan, Italy

Mural painted for UNity Project / Berlin Mural Festival, Berlin, Germany

Mural painted at UTSOE University, Valle de Santiago, Mexico

Mural painted at Conalep National College, Valle de Santiago, Mexico

Mural painted in Mercado Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

Mural painted for Murali Street Art Festival, Forlì, Italy

Van painted for Mercedes Benz, Amsterdam, Netherland

Mural painted for Vedo a Colori, Civitanova Marche, Italy


Premio Genti d’Abruzzo 2018


Mural Masters, A New Generation, Kiriakos Iosifidis, Gingko Press 2018

Volti di un territorio | Portraits of a land, Misfits Project, 2018

Keep calm e passeggia per Torino, Compton and Newton, 2018

UN-DERSTAND, The Power of Art as a Social Architect, Yasha Young, Urban Nation, Museum for Urban Contemporary Art 2018

Estau, Estarreja Arte Urbana, Mistaker Maker 2018


Acer, 4/18 Luglio/Agosto, Il Verde Editoriale

Focus #229, 2018 published by Focus Journal Press, Shenzhen


“Closer” mural in Los Angeles appears in the Episode 1, Season 9 of “Shameless”, Warner Bros 2018

“Freedom” murals appears in the spot of the city of Vilnius, “Vilnius: The G-Spot of Europe” 2018




Social Paradox, Stolen space gallery, London, UK

Searching for Surfaces, Vertical gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Pages from mind travellers diaries, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy

Lange Nacht der Museen – Urban Nation Museum for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Duality – WYN 317 Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA

We Broke Night – Urban Nation, Berlin, Germany

Brighter Days Are Coming – SAM/Urban Nation, St Petersburg, Russia

Street Art House, The Hangar, Los Angeles, California, USA


Four murals painted for Murmur project in Shanghai, China

Mural painted for Pafos 2017 Capital of Culture, Pafos, Cyprus

Mural painted in Pescara, Italy

Temporary mural painted for Lollapalooza Berlin 2017, UN Pavilion, Berlin, Germany

Mural painted for Upea Street Art Festival 2017, Jyväskylä, Finland

Mural painted in a juvenile penitentiary for Back to School Ukraine, Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Mural painted for Desvelarte Festival, Santander, Spain

Residence project at NDSM for Street Art Today, Amsterdam, Netherland

Kings Spray Festival, Street Art House, Amsterdam, Netherland

Mural painted at The Container Yard, Los Angeles, California, USA


Walled City, Sandu, 2017

The Making of Urban Nation, Stiftung Berliner Leben 2017

Pages From Mind Travellers Diaries, Dorothy Circus Gallery 10th Anniversary Catalogue 2017

We broke night, Urban Nation Berlin 2017


Urbanistica #157, Inu Edizoni, 2017

Art&Law 5/2017, Negri Clementi

Virus, Edizione 1997-2017

WU magazine #75, 2017 edited by M.C.S.Media Srl


Il Centro, 7 December 2017

Il Messaggero, 23 September 2017

El Diario Canatabria, 17 June 2017

Metro Russia, 12 March 2017


“Childhood Dream” mural in Shanghai appears on CCTV NEWS, December 2017

“Twist of Fate” and “Sound of you” murals in Shanghai appears on CCTV NEWS, December 2017




One Night Only, NOK Gallery, Bodø, Norway


Mural painted for Hecho En Casa Festival 2016, Santiago, Chile

Mural painted for Impronte 2016 – Street Art Festival, Bonito, Italy

Mural painted for Color BA – Street Art Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mural painted for Arte Pubblica Festival, Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Mural painted in the New Cultural Centre of Nanchang, China

Mural painted for Mural Social Club – Art Festival in Your City, Kiev, Ukraine

Mural painted for UpNorth Festival, Bodø, Norway

Mural painted for Mistaker Maker – AgitÁgueda, Águeda, Portugal

Five Murals painted in the city of Mesagne, Italy

Mural painted for Street Art Caravane, Safi, Morocco

Mural painted for Back To School China, Shanghai, China

Mural painted for Back To School China, Luzhi, China

Mural painted for Public 2016 in Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Mural painted in Koh Samui, Thailand


Look the Book 2016, Pixartprinting

Public 2016 Form initiative, Curtain University

Impronte 2016 Collettivo Boca

Chile Arte Urbano, Catalogue “Hecho en Casa” 2016


Open Resource Magazine #2, Suez 2016

Elle Decoration China #143, 2016 edited by Shanghai Publishing House and Erst Communication

Fahrenheit  Mexico #75, 2016

Tattoo fest #115, 2016 edited by Intromax

Chic Style #13, 2016 edited by Associazione ! chic


Las Ultimas Noticias Chile, 8 November 2016

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, 18 June 2016

Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia, 16 June 2016

Pudong Times China, 21 April 2016

Shanghai Morning Post, 20 April 2016



Brandalism at COP21, Paris, France

The Power of Paint, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA

Urban Art Renaissance, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy


Mural painted for Urban Myths Festival, Minsk, Belarus

Mural painted for FestiWall, Ragusa, Italy

Mural painted for Sbagha Bagha – Graffiti & Peintures Murales, Casablanca, Morroco

Mural painted for Heerlen Murals – Transition in Colors, Heerlen, Netherland

Mural painted for Vilnius Street Art Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

Mural painted for Calle Libre – Festival for Urban Aesthetics, Vienna, Austria

Kids and Games – Workshop, MUMOK Museum, Vienna, Austria

Mural painted for Collettivo Boca + Piano B, Avellino, Italia

Mural painted in LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal

Mural painted for Muraliza – Festival de Arte Mural, Cascais, Portugal

Mural painted for Memorie Urbane – Street Art Festival, Gaeta, Italy

Mural for the 30th edition of Modern Art Days Bialystok, Poland

Two murals painted for “Il giardino delle culture”, Milan, Italy

Wall painting for Street Art Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Mural painted at Guzzo, Barcelona, Spain

Mural painted for Urban Area, Battipaglia, Italy


40 under 40 Niaf National Italian American Foundation 2015


Transition in color, Heerlen murals 2015

L’boulevard 2015

Dni Sztuki Współczesnej #30, 2015


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Fahrenheit Mexico, 24 May 2015

Corriere della Sera, 14 April 2015

Il Fatto Quotidiano, 5 January 2015



Traks, MACRO Museum, Rome, Italy

Atemporal!, Espaço Apis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Millo & Etnik – Due scuole che si incontrano in strada, Basement Project Room, Fondi ITA


Tram painted for Traks, Tram19, Rome, Italy

13 murals painted for BArt in Turin, Italy

Mural painted for Subsidenze Street Art Festival, Ravenna, Italy

Mural painted for the Biennale Angelo Garofalo, Lioni, Italy

Mural painted for Memorie Urbane – Street Art Festival, Fondi, Italy

Live painting for Tera Towers, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy

AWARDS Arte In Barriera 2014 winner


Pencil case, Environmental Trafic Magazine, Me publishing, 2014

Espaço Atemporal, Réptil Editora 2014

London Graffiti and Street Art, Producer Joe Epstein, Ebury Press 2014

Kamasutra Artbook #64 Edited and produced by Squame 2014

Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival 2014

B.ART bando internazionale di arte pubblica in Barriera di Milano, 2014


Intercity Magazine #222, 2014

Rooms Magazine #13, 2014 edited by RAU Studio London


Il Fatto Quotidiano, 22 November 2014

La Città, Quotidiano della provincia di Teramo, 23 March 2014

Pagina 99, 21 November 2014


“B.Art & The Flying Painter” documentary film about the project “B.Art, Arte in Barriera” in Turin, 2014



Clumsy, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK

Nero, with Benjamin Murphy, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK


GCAK, Group Collectives Are Kunsts, Delphyan Gallery, London, UK

Art in your face, Stew Gallery, Norwich, UK

Be my toys, Semaest Gallery, Paris, France


Chuck Huck, Painting on Converse shoes at Converse and Google+ Garage, London UK

Mural painted at MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz, Rome, Italy

Live painting for Il futuro nelle tue mani at Galleria S. Giovanni, Bra, Italy

Mural painted for Memorie Urbane Dopofestival, Gaeta, Italy

Bus stop painted for InAttesa, Art at the bus stop, Gaeta, Italy

Skatepark bowl painted for Open Art week – Street Art, Luxemburg, Luxemburg

Mural painted for Walls – Visioni Periferiche, Mosciano S. A., Italy

Mural painted for Sydenham Street Art Festival, by Global Street Art, London UK

Mural painted for Urban Area, Cinema Teatro Preneste, Rome, Italy


Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival 2013

BRA Il futuro nell tue mani 2013



Tentativi di esaurimento di un luogo, Le Muse Giovani Gallery, Adelfia, Italy

Missing, b>gallery, Rome, Italy


Inside Marilyn, Combines XL, Milan, Italy


Mural painted for, Ariano Folk Festival XVII Edizione, Ariano Irpino, Italy

Mural painted for Crack! Fumetti dirompenti VIII edizione, Forte Prenestino Rome, Italy

Paper, Circolo degli Artisti, Rome ITA


L’urbanistica che cambia – Rischi e valori di Massimo Angrilli, Franco Angeli 2012

Inattesa art at the bus stop 2012 Memorie Urbane


Tattoo Italia #32, 2012 edited by Mediafriends

MU6 #24, 2012 edited by Associazione amici dei musei d’Abruzzo




Nell’aria c’è un mondo invisibile, Museo Torretta Valadier, Rome, Italy

Actions + Beatrice, Microgalleria, Pescara, Italy


StereotiPOP, Spazio Pep Marchegiani, Montesilvano, Italy

Mostra Finale Premio Celeste 2011, Museo Civico Archeologico Bologna, Italy

PopUp! Videowall, Atelier Arco Amoroso, Ancona, Italy


Video installation for Artists for Florence Design Week, Complesso delle Murate, Florence, Italy

Installation for Lumen 2, Ex Fabbriche Salid, Salerno, Italy

Wall Painting for Muro libero, Mace+Lazlo Biro, Rome, Italy

Mural painted for Industrial Wallz, Pescara, Italy


Premio Celeste 2011 selected artist


Artisti per il Florence Design Week 2011

Stereotipop 2011 Spazio Pep Marchegiani

Premio Celeste 2011, Zel Edizioni


Mezzo magazine  #0, 2011edited by Ideapress




Disturbi, Sinister Noise, Rome, Italy


Live painting for Astrazioni, Templi Romani Chieti, Italy

Series of Stancils realized for PopUp! Ancona, Italy


Premio Celeste 2010 finalist