When we thought we could fly




I realized this mural in Pristina Kosovo for Guerrilla Art Festival

Pristina is one of the youngest capital in Europe, both in terms of birth day of its State than in quantity of under 30s people living in.

One of the topic of my staying has been the Visa’s exemption as for the people in Kosovo is possible to travel in Europe only by requesting visas, procedures that can take up to months and requires money from those who apply.

From January 2024, citizens of Kosovo will be allowed to travel in EU without requesting visas and this is already considered one of the biggest change since the end of the war, as will give them the possibility to visit and discover different cultures at the same speed of the other countries.

In the national flower of the country, The Peony, that symbolizes the passion, the fights and blood of its inhabitants, my characters are finally free to fly and visit new places without any strings holding them.