Harburg, Germany


I painted this mural for Walls Can Dance Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

The mural is located on a building that has recently been built by Jugendhilfe eV, a social NGO that has been supporting people with addiction problems for more than 60 years and is active in helping homeless. Jugendhilfe eV works on a non-profit basis and is the provider of outpatient and inpatient facilities.

Despite the large-scale housing construction programs, those who are homeless currently have hardly any chance on the housing market and also remain at a severe disadvantage in social interaction, so the association with funds by the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank, has created this living space itself for the first time in Harburg at the beginning of April.

The apartments accomodate people from public accommodations, including those with mental illnesses and those who have fled persecution in their home country.

Moreover the building has been built  as sustainable solid wood building with its own combined heat and power plant in passive house design – with green roofs and barrier reduction.

The houses are divided into 37 high-quality 1 to 5-room apartments with a common room, with the 1 1⁄2-room apartments making up the majority.

A total of 72 people moved into the houses and are receiving either socio-educational care from Jugendhilfe eV or from cooperation partners of the association.

Welcoming is a love act.