Tutti Per Atta


Pedriatic Hospital "Gaslini", Genoa, Italy


I’ve been invited in the pedriatic hospital “Gaslini” located in Genoa (Italy) by “Tutti per Atta“, an association born from the strength of Alessandra and Maurizio who have lost their little girl Agata, few years ago due to a neuroblastoma cancer.

Supported by all its members, the association helps the families that are experiencing a similar path and, in addition to all the wonderful projects they have already curated, this time they had the chance to donate a new laundry room, located inside the hospital, to be used by the parents and the children hospitalized in the department of oncology, hematology, and nephrology.

It has been an honor for me to join the project and to meet such amazing people.

Now there is a little fuchsia line that tie us together.