The Strength of the Community


Nembro, Italy


I realized this mural in Nembro, Bergamo, Italy.

Nembro has been the symbol of the Italian emergency in the first months of the pandemic.

I’ve been invited by MNEO ‘Archivio italiano della memoria’ (Italian memory’s archive) to realize this work of art as the conclusion of their documentary  “Through the walls – Stories from the pandemic”: one year of interviews to document what happened during the first italian lock down.

The city of Nembro, was thrilled to host me, as it was willing to leave a mark as a symbol of the community strength and union.

It’s hard to explain what happened in this small city, maibe the statistics can give an help to let you understand at least the numbers: in March 2020 they lived an increase of 1000% in the number of deaths, compared to the previous year.

But they didn’t give up.

During their most tragic moments they found an inner strength: the belonging to a community that didn’t leave anyone behind and equally helped each member to move forward.

That’s why this work is focused on this: 

THE STRENGTH OF THE COMMUNITY that has showed to the world that only together we can overcome even the most tragic events.

Thank you MNEO, thank you Nembro.