The legend of Agave


Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, México


UTSOE University, Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, México.

In the Aztec mythology from the love of two gods and from the fusion of their bodies Agave was born, but for anger and jealousy the plant was cut in half and when it seemed nothing could repair their broken love the two gods found a way to survive and live together in the shape of plants.

Mexicans are proud of this plant cause is made of love, in their history Agave has a unique place, it was used for a multitude or reasons: for example as a source of fibers for clothing, as tips for arrows , paper for writing and of course drinks with different proprieties. Agave it’s considered a god gift and they still take care of its importance.

The wall is part of a biggest social project held by Pepe Meja in the State of Guanajuato.
The goal of the project is to bring art where there isn’t and closer to young people in order to let them feel inspired by another point of view.