She Leans Against The Wind


Girona, Spain


I’ve realized this mural for Milestone Project in the beautiful city of Girona, Catalunya, Spain.

The wall is located in “Germans Sàbat” barrio, a small neighborhood built in the 50’s with the aim of hosting people coming from different regions of Spain in precarious conditions.

With the passing of time the “barrio”, due to the growing of the city itself, turns to be a proper neighborhood of it.

The peculiarity of the “Barrio” is that it still keeps the original buildings and it’s characterized by a strong collective feeling as a popoluation and a strong associational movement.

In this “barrio” I had the occasion to meet different people who all shared with me their stories, lives and memories.

I took my inspiration from them and from how something so connected to the tradition is still considered actual and  a beautiful and proud symbol of their folkrore and history.