Monticello Amiata, Tuscany Italy


I realized this mural in Monticello Amiata, Italy  for Linfa Festival

curated by Palomart Network.

Monticello Amiata is a small village located in Toscana, at the foot of Mount Amiata, surrounded by 430 hectares of natural reserve.

From the 70s as in other european countries, mountain areas are at risk of being depopulated and devoid of specific economic activities, unfortunately even this village has been progressively abandoned by its inhabitants, so the goal of the festival is to reacreate the village through multidisciplinary arts.

I patriarchi ( The patriarchs) is were I took my inspiration from.

Close to the village, there are a group of secular chestnut trees considered the first inhabitants of  the area, they provided during the centuries one of the main source of livelihood for the people living there.

I imagined a plain sight dance, as it was and as it should be again, between us and nature.

An exchange of vital lymph.