Iaorana et Maeva


Papeete, Tahiti French Polynesia


I’ve realized this project for Ono’u Tahiti in Papeete, Polynesia.

The project was focused on the renovation of the main tunnel of the capital, a monster tunnel consisting of 1500 square meters!!

The idea was to represent one of the most important Polynesian tradition:

Polynesians welcome people arriving in the islands with a flower necklace made by tiare flowers,

Instead when it’s time to leave the islands, they say goodbye by donating a shells necklace.

We used the direction of the tunnel to represent this traditions as one side brings you in the city and the other let you leave the place.

It has been a challenging project for different reasons, of course its size: 1’500 square meters, but mostly for being allowed to work only for 11 nights with summer storms around!

It would have never be possible without the strength of the curator Sarahroopinia and the help of an amazing team Tvaite, Viault, Mr Heiarii, Temana Mountaintree, Tea Flohr, Vehi and Manarii.