From The Roots To The Flower


Ortona, Italy


Second part of a double mural realized in Ortona, Chieti for Art Bike and Run on the new bycicle lane of the Trabocchi coast. The lane built on the abandoned railway track built in the late 1800, runs for now along 42 km of the Adriatic coast surrounded by the sea and the nature. A mural rooted in the past and bloomed in the present.

For this mural I took the  inspiration from the historical events happened here during the second world War, the sadly famous battaglia of Ortona, on the Gustav line, the efforts off all the inhabitants and the strength of the partisan’s. This time I focused on the female partisan’s role, they used to bring messages between the allies with their bikes during the battles. Their Italian name, due this reason, was “le staffette” know as the dispach female riders. They used to go with the brigades and to show them the safiest roads, to explore, to get informations about the enemies, and to recollect all the informations lost after the raids. My character today stands surrounded by a field of poppies, a flower symbol of Partisans, I wanted her to be a tribute and at the same time an invitation to visit this beautiful piece of land.