Amman, Jordan


These are the images of the mural realized in Amman, Jordan curated by Baladk

The wall is part of a bigger project that brought me from Palestine to Jordan in July and August and that soon I will fully show you.

BALADK Street & Urban Art Festival is a non profit festival that works with artists, communities, and neighborhoods to transform the walls in diverse areas of Amman into open air murals that focuses on specific themes every year.

This edition wanted to highlight the topic of water crisis as Jordan’s per capita water supply will be halved by the end of the century due to dwindling water supplies and the growing of the population.

The report, “Jordan’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning for the World”, indicates that Jordan’s water supply is rapidly decreasing due to climate change, population growth, demographic shocks and heightened competition for water across country boundaries.

The report  warned that without intervention, only a few households in the Kingdom will have access to even 40 litres (10.5 gallons) of piped water per person per day and that especially low-income neighbourhoods will be hit the hardest.

The same challenges could affect global water supplies in the future.

This is the link to the report https://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/jordans-water-crisis-offers-warning-world-%E2%80%94-report

I had the chance to realize my mural on a school’s facade in a suburban area of the city, whose inhabitants are mostly Palestinians living in critical conditions.

All my working days have been sorrounded by the noise of children playing down my crane and hopefully, being on a school surface, will create a debate upon this topic.

The contrast created by the city and my character lying in an open, alive, terrarium speaks for itself.

Without water there’s no life.

Photos taken by Mirella Moschella