Corona virus – Donations for Pescara Hospital



As a lot of you may know, I’m Italian and I live in Abruzzo,  a region in the central part of the country.

It is my adoptive region and in the past years has been hit by a series of emergencies that nobody could expect, leaving us a bit behind the other regions of Italy.

2020 the Corona Virus is the emergency.

The city where I live, Pescara, is the biggest of the region and its hospital was about to collapse.

There was the urgency to buy materials and machines and all the personal safety equipments for the intensive unit care.

The cases were rising fast and all I can do to really help was creating a crowdfunding campaign to give all the doctors and to the intensive care unit a real hand.

At the end of the campaign we raised 22103 € has been directly donated to the Santo Spirito hospital to strengthen the intensive care unit.

During the crowdfunding I painted live on my socials a big work of art,

to donate to the hospital at the end of this fundraiser.

Link at the campaign



Not murals