Beyond the Sea


Monopoli, Italy


This new mural is in Monopoli, in an impressive location nestled among the old town, the bay and the open sea and has been realized for PhEST a festival about photography, cinema and art.

“Beyond the sea” in its beauty a shelter.

This wall focuse is the tropicalization of the Mediterranean sea.

It’s typical of marine environments to change in relation to climatic fluctuations, but the combination of this change with other ecological stressors such as pollution, eutrophication, anoxia, fishing pressure, the acidification of the oceans let us think that the new species arriving in the seas are not the main problem but that there won’t be any species left at all in the future if we continue to ignore how strong is our impact on the ecosystem.

The tropicalization of the Mediterranean should not be regarded as something apocalyptic or irreversible we can make a huge difference by acting consciously towards our environment.