Baggage Claim


Stavanger International Airport, Norway


I realized this indoor mural for NuArt Festival in Stavanger International Airport, Norway.

My life is made of travels, and airports are the place where each journey starts or ends.

It could mean coming back home or going anywhere else, but each trip for me has been a way to enrich myself and I’m quite sure that travel is a way for everybody to enrich themselves.

I’ve imagined the luggage belt as a flux of experiences: on the belt there are no luggages, replaced instead with symbolic images of other countries; Some of them have been already processed by our experience, as is in the case of a return traveller, others are instead what we imagine of places that we haven’t visited yet.

In this way, the belt that is located in Norway with its own peculiarities, runs among the people without borders, unifying the world.

Photo credits

Brian Tallman