Adduma / To Light Up


Palermo, Italy



I realized this mural for Sperone 167 in Palermo, Sicily.

Sperone area was born in the early years of the last century as a seaside village, located few kilometers far from the historical center of the city.

Until the Second World War it was considered a rising seaside area, with facilities able to welcome visitors and a thriving fish market.

It’s soon after the end of the war, with a peak in the 70s, that the whole zone became the subject of an intense building activity that erased any continuity with the rest of the city.

Due to the absence of the institutions and the lack of services, phenomena as the early school leaving or crimes, became a reality.

In this context Sperone 167 as a volunteer alliance works to bring there its urban art interventions, and especially, to bring children together throughout a series of different activities, with the help of the school and other associations.

The goal is to develop a community based on taking care of the others and of its spaces.




By Rising a suspended staircase above the city, passing through a small hatch to finally reach and switch on a light, that can show not only what it missing when the institutions are far and life become harder, but that can light up what we would love to see the most:

Our dreams coming true.

I hope this work will bring this area under the spotlight for its infinite potential and that could show everyone that even if uphill, you always have to try.