A Moment


Leeuwarden, Netherland


This is the mural I realized last October in Leeuwarden, Netherland for @writersblock street art organization.

The wall is located on a surface of  the Leeuwarden Medical Center, that is the hospital of the city of Leeuwarden,  the largest non-university hospital in the Netherlands, and one of  the country’s major top-clinical centers, offering secondary and tertiary care.

The whole project, supported both by the strong will of the medical center and also by the lift rental company (as you’ll see,they were high lighting the breast cancer awareness)

The whole project, supported also by the strong will of the medical center, has the aim to bring art in the structure to show both the patients and all the inhabitants of the area a light hearted moment that could pacify the fear of those who have to enter and the view of those who lives in front of it.

There’s also a little story behind:

For this mural I’ve presented the sketch few months prior the starting of the work and I hand’t the opportunity to experience the place before starting to paint, btw one day, while I was painting a gentle lady moved by the image, asked me to go down from the crane to tell me that the work dealt with her childhood as a long time ago, before the hospital was built  there used to be a playground were she used to swing exactly as the character of my work of art.