भविष्य Future


Dharavi, Mumbai India


I realized this is the wall in Dharavi (Mumbai) for St+art India Foundation .

Dharavi is the biggest slum of Asia, more than one million people in 1.7km2.
The living conditions are truly hard and the goal of the project is to bring art into the slum to make it known and more attractive for the inhabitants.

Dharavi is a unique place, with its colors, lights and loud sounds, it’s where at least 5 different main religions lives together in armony, where the idea of “sharing” doesn’t need to be thought cause it’s reality, and where people smiles at you with all their soul.

In my imaginary under an umbrella blue as Indian nights able to protect from all the world ouside, through the mesmerized colors of the flowers, used to decorate anything in the neighborhood, my character dreams and moves towards a better future.

Photos Suraj Ketra