These are the images of the water tower I painted in Al Jib, within the Palestinian territories, last summer.

According to Riwaq and Baladk the curators of this incredible project, this is the first big mural ever done within the Palestinian territories, not on the walls of separation.

On all of its sides a girl is playing with the mulberry tree leaves, creating something out of nothing, achieving finally freedom.

The  curators explained me the need for girls who are over 11 years old, and living in Al-Jib, to play and go out in public spaces as boys commonly do.

This topic touched me deeply and that’s why I decided to change my first sketch, in order to underline this issue.

This artwork is part of the #world_reversed project in partnership between Riwaq and

Baladk festival Jordan.

I want to thank Fuad Alymani for his true talent and his incredible help on this mural artwork.

The curator:  Math Isied  ( also for the pics!)  and Saja Mansour for all the no stop work.

Arkmedia for the drone shot.